Autoimmune Disorders Workshop

March 7th - April 11th 2019

Thursdays 1:30 - 3:30pm

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If you suffer from an Autoimmune Disease and are ready to make changes in the way you are living, eating, and thinking about your disorder, you are ready for this course.

 From dietary planning to lifestyle changes, Taos Whole Health's Autoimmune Wellness Workshop will help you exercise new habits to improve your health while living with an Autoimmune disease.

 Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Kristin Swim, will guide you through science based dietary and lifestyle approaches to wellness.  Utilizing the Autoimmune Protocol diet, you can support your immune system and gut mucosa to help calm inflammation in your body. 

 This 6-week course will meet once a week on Thursday afternoons. Each session will help you discover what you can do to better your condition and take steps towards a healthier way of being.

$650 / class fee (+tax)

For more information or assistance registering stop by our clinic, email or call (575) 776-7806