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30 minutes, $50     |     60 minutes, $100     |     90 minutes, $150

Core Synchronism                      
with Dr. Celeste Griego, ND, LMT no. 5860

A gentle therapy rooted in balance techniques brings the mind & body together to relieve stress, blockages & physical pain through hand medicine (the laying on of hands).

Craniosacral Therapy
with Dr. Celeste Griego, ND, LMT no. 5860

A deep unwinding & release of fascial restrictions throughout the body. This gentle therapy is performed on a treatment table or floor mat while fully clothed. Used to relieve conditions such as chronic pain, mental stress, headaches, neck & back pain, fatigue, sleep disorders & emotional imbalance.

Medical Massage
with Dr. Celeste Griego, ND, LMT no. 5860      

Therapy for specific injuries through an integrative & holistic approach to massage.    

Myofascial Release Therapy                          
with Tracy Miller, LMT no. 8415                                

Myofascial Release is a unique form of physical therapy that treats not only injuries, but the body as a whole. We use a gentle, non-forceful method pioneered by John F. Barnes to target long standing discomfort in your body’s fascial system.