Taos Whole Health Integrative Care - Tracy Miller, LMT

Myofascial Release Therapist

Tracy Miller flew from Minneapolis to Maui in 1998 and arrived with mononucleosis. Her sister sent her for acupuncture—she was symptom free in three days and thus was born her alternative medicine journey.

Since 1999, Tracy has studied directly with John F. Barnes, PT, the "father" of authentic Myofascial Release. In 2000, she was honored to work as a contract therapist at Barnes’ Sedona clinic, Therapy on the Rocks. Where they successfully treated on a daily basis those who had exhausted Western Medical options. Tracy loves working with post-op patients who want to return to an active life, and with those who are hoping to avoid surgery or relieve acute pain, chronic pain, TMJ, sciatic, plantar fasciitis, frozen shoulder/torn labrum, PTSD, women’s health, and so much more. Some of her favorite words to hear are, “I have hope again!" When she’s not in sessions, she’s hiking and playing with her family, taking in all the beauty of Northern New Mexico.