Stories of Healing

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Steve E. Chavez

"Because there is no compromise when it comes to your physical and mental health," is what I tell people when they ask me why I see Dr. Lilly.

When I first discovered the Taos Whole Health team I was a newly diagnosed cancer patient with lots of confusion about where to begin my fight. Under the direction and treatment of the TWH team I am now a courageous fighter in the battle for my own well being.

A true model of integrative health flourishes here. From the instant you walk through the front door, till the time you leave, the holistic competence of TWH and willpower are the greatest tools in one's fight for complete wellness.

I have gratitude and love beyond words for these amazing people."

Michael "Ike" Levy

The arthritis in my lower back had become so painful that one day I could barely walk. If I could reach the floor with my hands by bending forward, I had to push upright with my hands walking up my thighs to help me to stand erect again. I could no longer sleep on my stomach without waking to debilitating back pain.

Being at the point of desperation, I had booked an appointment to have cortisone injections in my spine at St. Vincent Hospital in Sant Fe - admittedly a risky, and only band-aid, solution.

A good friend, and longtime massage healer insisted that I try MyoFascial Release therapy in the John Barnes lineage with Tracy Miller Bell at the new Taos Whole Health Integrative Care Center.

When Tracy laid hands on me in the first session, I knew from experience as a healer myself, and intuitively, that she was a 'real deal' healer. I tasked her with helping to relieve the pain in my left arm, shoulder and neck - that had developed 5 years after a forced landing in my airplane when the single shoulder harness had snapped my collarbone.

Instead, she offered to work on the long time terrible arthritis pain in my back - which I had not requested because I assumed it was too far beyond the scope of her capabilities.

I had instant positive results. By the fourth session I miraculously felt that I was inhabiting a new body. I felt I could breath deeper because of the expansion in my chest.

During the sixth morning session I experienced the “Unwinding” of my fascia. When Tracy happened to push up on my right foot it triggered the “muscle memory” of the airplane crash (from the pressure of pushing down the right rudder pedal) which had broken my ankle. My spine began to undulate and my entire body began to shake. Tracy whispered gently, “Allow the shaking”. I went into an altered state of reality. My entire body began to shake - for perhaps 10 minutes: releasing the fascia. Time had stopped. I was back in the crash. At one point I had the vague awareness that Tracy was holding me back so I didn't fall off the massage table!

With the realization that I was still alive, I calmed down. I had survived! I came back into my body, and power, with a mountain lion type roar. And another, and another. Tracy had given me permission to make as much noise as I wanted. For minutes I was roaring at full volume. What a relief and empowerment!

Relaxing and stretching in my hot tub at 8 PM that evening I realized that my back was free of pain.

I had ten 1.5 hour sessions with Tracy over a period of 6 weeks. Along the way my arm, shoulder and neck pain was healed. So, was the pain from arthritis in my left hip. I had emotional healing of past traumas, other accidents, knee surgery, stuff with my father. Several times during the sessions I had tears of gratitude for facets of my life, and for Tracy. I am walking and dancing again.

I cancelled my appointments with the hospital. Although the arthritis is still there, the relief has been permanent. I still have some temporary pains in the same spots, but I am able to work them out, or do some MFR on myself. Perhaps in time I may go back for a “tune up”. I would love to.

Update 4 months later: Everything has IMPROVED! I have had moments when I remember having had pain in my shoulder, or back - that I thought I would have to live with the rest of my life. Now I can hardly even remember having them.

I found the premises and the staff more than pleasant and helpful. When they weren't busy they would make me a cup of tea. I consider them good friends and have stopped by just to say hello, and give them another hug. I truly feel that MFR and Tracy Miller, "Gave me my life back". Check it out..... HIGHLY recommended.

Rivera Sun

Taos Whole Health Integrative Care literally saved my life.

The unique, integrative approach intervened in my rapidly growing ovarian cancer. Working collaboratively with a conventional oncologist, Dr. Lilly-Marie Blecher and Dr. Joanna Hooper helped me go from first visit to necessary surgery swiftly and effectively. Through each step of this scary moment of diagnosis, Dr. Blecher and Dr. Hooper were astonishingly present and committed to my health. They held my hand in supportive ways while keeping me, as the patient, in the driver's seat. That is exactly what you want from your doctors. They skillfully and fully discussed treatments in open minded ways that both informed and encouraged me.

The integrative, holistic approach helped me bridge from my 25+ year history of non-Western medicine. It gave me great comfort to be able to connect acupuncture with chemotherapy; dietary shifts with surgery recovery; complementary treatments with conventional. With integrative care, I felt comfortable through all of my treatments for cancer, and for the recovery period afterward! Dr. Blecher and Dr. Hooper's comprehensive care was more than just supplementary, however. Their collaborative work with my oncologist enabled several complementary treatments that actively and strongly supported my conventional surgery and chemotherapy. One of these treatments became essential in helping me to complete my chemotherapy on schedule, boosting my white blood cell count without the use of Nuelasta (and its ensuing bone pain).

Through all of this, and to this moment, my doctors at Taos Whole Health Integrative Care gave me one of the greatest gifts: the sense that all of me - from inside to outside, emotional to spiritual - was being seen, held, witnessed, supported, and most importantly, healed. Taos Whole Health's support has been a profound miracle. I truly believe that I am here today, and healthy, because of their loving, wise care.

This style of integrative care is deeply healing for individuals, and it is also profoundly healing for our ailing world. Medicine, like so many of our practices in the modern world, has gone through a trial by fire, making both great strides and suffering from the reductionist, specialist approach. Our world and ourselves are longing to re-weave our bodies into the interconnected web of life. Taos Whole Health Integrative Care is tangibly bringing people into this depth of healing, one patient at a time.

D. Embler

Lilly and Joanna, Gorbachev and Reagan, Begin and Sadat, Pierre and Marie, Burns and Allen. Some folks are just meant to find each other, even if just for a sparkling moment in time, for the greater good of mankind. And that is exactly what happened last year in Taos.

Dr. Joanna Hooper joined in practice with Dr. Lilly-Marie Belcher in an endeavor to bridge the all too obvious gaps and inconsistencies between eastern and western styles of medicine. And for this long time fibromyalgia patient, the combination of their considerable talents and the gentle hands of all the wonderful people whom they have added to their midst, has been nothing short of magical. Life changing just doesn’t say it loud enough.

And while your results may vary, just the fact that these ladies and staff love their patients and show it, will provide you with a healthcare interaction like nothing you’ve experienced before. Seriously, when was the last time your practitioner gave you a hug? I get at least one every visit.
We’re all sharing in a new, comprehensive approach to common sense medicine that doesn’t practice any one thing to the exclusion of all the others. Seems like such a simple idea. The future is wide eyed and awesome healthcare for both patients and practitioners as Lilly’s and Joanna’s vision matures and bears fruit.

Sure works for me. Thanks.

After a year of being treated by practitioners in and out of the state of NM, the answer is Taos Whole Health.

The integration of Eastern and Western medicine is truly remarkable in healing.

Taos Whole Health is a marvelous team (practitioners and staff) of competent, loving caregivers.

We have our health back in a way that we could never imagine.