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Doctors Lilly-Marie Blecher and Joanna J. Hooper were introduced in 2016 by a mutual patient who recognized their similar vision for providing care―their instant friendship and mutual respect for medicine resulted in a quick and easy habit of referring patients to one another and consulting with each other to problem-solve unusual medical situations they encountered in their individual practices.

Now, with their new clinic, Taos Whole Health, they’ve brought to fruition a dream long-held by both women to offer patients access to collaborative, holistic healthcare for patients under one roof.

In addition to the range of primary care services both Dr. Blecher and Dr. Hooper offer, Taos Whole Health also serves as a home for seminars, on-going classes, and complementary therapists including Dr. Alana Benjamin, MD; Dr. Hannah Becker, DOM; Dr. Carl Wagner, DOM; Tracy Miller, LMT; Kristin Swim, NTP; Rasa Lila, ND, Dr. Celeste Griego, ND, LMT, and Monica Fredrickson, MS Yoga Therapy, C-IAYT.

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Whole health for
the whole patient.


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Dr. Lilly-Marie Blecher ND, DOM Co-Medical Director,
Family Care Provider

Doctor of Oriental Medicine & Naturopathic Physician

Dr. Joanna J. Hooper, MD
Co-Medical Director,
Family Medical Physician

Board Certified, Family Practitioner

Sarah Ellis
Practice Manager

Dr. Alana Benjamin, MD
Board Certified,
Family Medicine Physician


Dr. Carl Wagner, DOM
Doctor of Oriental Medicine (Dipl.Ac.)

Monica Fredrickson, MS Yoga Therapy, C-IAYT
Yoga Therapist

Dr. Hannah Becker, DOM
Doctor of Oriental Medicine
Community Acupuncture

Dr. Celeste Griego, ND, MS, LMT no. 5860
Naturopathic Doctor, Ayurvedic Practitioner, Massage Therapist
Ayurvedic Medicine, Therapeutic Exercise & Bodywork

Loretta Yuma
Medical Assistant

Kristin Swim, NTP
Nutritional Therapist

Rasa Lila, ND
Naturopathic Doctor,
Executive Director of Taos Whole Community Health

Tracy Miller, LMT no. 8415
Myofascial Release Therapist

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