Taos Whole Health Adds Nutritional Therapist to Practice

We're so proud to announce Kristin Swim NTP, a certified Nutritional Therapist, has joined our team of providers. 

As a nutritional therapist, Kristin creates individually-tailored lifestyle and nutritional plans for her clients to improve their overall health and wellness.

“I help find the right nutritional balance for each individual,” say Kristin. “My goal is to optimize digestive function, energy regulation and take the guesswork out of what to eat by providing an understanding of how the body reacts to different foods.”

Kristin brings a crucial service to our practice and shares our belief that optimal health can be achieved when we look at the whole patient rather than just treating symptoms.

“Appointments are catered to the needs of the client. Each client will leave their appointment with a clear plan and are supported to make positive changes.

Kristin believes wholeheartedly that every human has the right to optimal health and can help clients identify a realistic approach to nutrition that is sensitive to their individual needs.

Kristin joins our team of ten providers—including Co-Medical Directors Dr. Lilly-Marie Blecher, ND, DOM, and Dr. Joanna J. Hooper, MD—and brings a new service to our diverse spectrum of services which includes: Eastern & Western Primary Care, Oriental medicine, family medicine, Ayurvedic medicine, energetic and psychological healing, medical massage and more.

With our clinic, located at 1337 Gusdorf Rd. Suite O., Dr. Blecher and Dr. Hooper have brought to fruition a dream long-held by both doctors: to offer patients access to collaborative, holistic healthcare under one roof.

We serve as an entry point for patients looking to find their path to ultimate wellness.