Taos Doctors Seek International Training to Bring World Class Healthcare to Northern New Mexico

Sarah Taos Whole Health Lobby

by Annabel Ascher, Discover Taos

If you are seeking quality healthcare in Taos, you need look no further than a small building complex on Gusdorf Road, tucked away in a quiet spot. There you will find a medical center dedicated to care for the whole person — Taos Whole Health Integrative Care. From western medicine to acupuncture to massage therapy and much more, this light-filled and comfortable facility has a myriad of modalities to restore health.

The co-directors of the clinic, Lilly-Marie Blecher ND, DOM and Joanna J. Hooper MD began their friendship when a mutual patient recognized their similar vision for holistic care. Taos Whole Health Integrative Care is now in its second year and its Co-Medical Directors' shared vision is clearer than ever.

Taos Whole Health has changed my whole view of health and the medical system. Four months ago I was verging on despair with chronic pain, declining health and faith in the traditional medical system. A phone call to Taos Whole Health and a brief conversation with Sarah immediately connected me with Dr. Lilly. The result was transformative for me. The concern and time that this office has made is a complete difference in my well-being. Dr. Lilly-Marie Blecher and Dr. Joanna Hooper have been diligent, caring, concerned, and truly empathetic with my concerns. It is not everyone who gets diagnosed with “Only God Knows,” then they proceeded to find out. Thank you both. The office is friendly, the women at the front desk and the medical technicians have been more than competent and caring. It is always a pleasure to be greeted and served by them. Thank you all.
— Mark Jackson, Taos Whole Health Collaborative Care Patient

Doctors Blecher and Hooper recently flew to Lustmühle, Switzerland for some groundbreaking holistic medical training. For over 25 years the Paracelsus Clinic and its founder Dr. Rau have been developing a new form of medicine. Biological medicine, as their approach is known, is founded on the belief in the body's innate power to heal and regenerate. While conventional medicine's primary focus is treating symptoms of disease, the Paracelsus method dives into the original sources of illness, rebuilding the body cell by cell.

Taos Whole Health already offers holistic services ranging from nutritional therapy to homeopathy. The addition of biological medicine means access to world class alternative care right here in Taos.

As Dr. Blecher explains: “After opening Taos Whole Health last year, it became clear to Dr. Hooper and myself that our practice would attract many difficult, complex cases, with patients who had not found healing elsewhere, and who were looking for a new perspective and new options for treatment. We had a few patients who had searched worldwide for that level of innovation and care, and who had found it in Switzerland at the Paracelsus clinic under Dr. Rau. They wished to continue their care with us, as many of the concepts and tools at Paracelsus are part of our toolkit at Taos Whole Health.” “As we evolved as a clinic, Dr. Hooper and I decided that we wanted to learn a truly common medical language in order to optimize our collaborative care. We were attracted to study under Dr. Rau and the Paracelsus clinic because of their extreme success treating complex cases, and because he is a brilliant medical doctor who uses the best that medicine has to offer in terms of diagnosis and systematic, advanced medical thinking, while using the minimally invasive, non-suppressive tools that Naturopathic and Chinese Medicine have cultivated.

Our first journey to Teufen, Switzerland was even better than we expected. Dr. Rau is a man with seemingly infinite energy, and a profoundly developed and effective approach to the whole of medicine. He has over 30 years in practice, and has built the Paracelsus clinic into one of the best medical resources in the world. We envision Taos Whole Health as a world class integrative clinic, and we found an excellent model at Paracelsus.

Over the next few years, we intend to continue to grow Taos Whole Health to embody our vision of world class innovative integrative care. We want to be a resource to Taos and beyond to elevate health and wellness so that we can embody our fullest potential as a community.”

Make your appointment today: taoswholehealth.org.

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