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Individual & Group Therapy
“We can do more than talk about it, but we can talk about it too.”

Michael Boyle, LMFT, CDBT offers a system of practical tools - body, mind and spirit - for people who are ready to turn hard times into optimal health and happiness.

For the last 4 years Michael has been working in various community mental health roles: lead crisis counselor, director of intensive outpatient substance abuse services, director of family behavioral health services and team lead for ACT (assertive community treatment). Prior to that Michael was a holistic health adviser with advanced training in yoga, meditation and Ayurveda. Michael is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) with Masters degrees in transpersonal and clinical psychology, and is certified in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (CDBT) and clinical hypnotherapy. He is a long time spiritual practitioner, enjoys everything outdoors Taos has to offer, and is a proud and dedicated husband and father of 3.

“When I was very little I felt tremendous suffering. I shut down. Heart closed, I suffered more. Major depression. Anxiety. Panic. Trauma. Injury after injury. I stopped waiting to feel better and I woke up. Love was all that mattered. But I needed to get good at it. I could no longer numb out. Books, seminars, masters degrees, certifications, mentors. Thousands of clients. 20 years of R & D in the lab of my life: the alchemy of transforming suffering into #wholehearted living. As a result, I have developed the Neurobody Exercises (NBE) and Person Facilitation Tools (PFT) for individuals, care providers, organizations, corporations. Are you ready to take charge? #wholehearted by design." - Michael Boyle, LMFT, CDBT