Taos Whole Health Integrative Care - Carl Wagner, DOM

Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Dipl.Ac.

Dr. Wagner started his education in Oriental Medicine at the age of forty-six and received his master of Oriental medicine degree from the International Institute of Chinese Medicine in 1994. He completed his National Boards and became licensed in New Mexico the same year. Concurrent with his last two years in school, Dr. Wagner apprenticed in Kototama Japanese Acupuncture, working daily in his teacher’s clinic.

Since his graduation over twenty three years ago, Dr. Wagner has devoted himself to the study of Japanese Acupuncture. He trained in the Toyo Hari method with Koei Kurahara in 1999 and started training with Masakasu Ikeda in 2002. He has studied with various other teachers and learned numerous approaches to the Japanese style. Dr. Wagner has twice attended the Annual Meridian Therapy Summer Seminar in Tokyo, Japan, and was a member of the first group of foreign students to attend in its forty-nine-year history. This annual event presents many of the most outstanding Meridian Therapy practitioners of Japan.

While applying these approaches in his practice, Dr. Wagner distilled a unique style that he has called “Terrain Acupuncture”. Terrain Acupuncture treatments regulate the energy flow in our body (the Ki or Qi), and signals the autonomic nervous system to normalize body functions. Terrain Acupuncture uses the hills, valleys, crevices, smooth or rough places of the body to determine point locations for the acupuncture treatment.

Dr. Wagner is also the author of “Japanese Acupuncture 101”. This small book discusses the Japanese style commonly known as Meridian Therapy and provides a guide for practitioners both experienced and inexperienced, to give an effective Meridian Therapy treatment.